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Four Courts, Dublin. 1920.



Taken from the building of structural shapes of subway tunnels, the exoskeletal shape and rough, unfinished exteriror provide a dynamic shape that is both simple yet complex

A sidetable and stool that transforms spaces between cast shadows and directional light. The graphic linework is captured in a singular, simple form that embodies an elegant bower identity.


Built using the original geometrical dimensions at scale with the foundations of skyscrapers, the two forms stood out to be timeless examples of support and structure.


3 rad refers to the 3 radian curve within the top of the side table and a 45 - degree bend of the seat pan. Both can be used with or without glass, combined or separate; with a throw pillow, or silicone seat pad.

This creates a piece that transforms space and light into complex, graphic shadows similar to a moire effect.

Created using recycled pieces of 1 x 1 steel stock, the simplicity can be customized to any shape, length, or form.


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