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prima nexum

prima nexum is a materials-led project employing modern capabilities of design to rework and transform a traditional model from disposable to cherishable for generations to come.

Dissection of the best-selling home printer: Canon Pixma inkjet


greenhouse gasses


oil dependent

water contamination

toxic chemicals



water use


environmental effects


strategies to offset effects:

fewer material types

no raw material extraction

no commingling




extend life cycle

Canon Pixima iP4600 Life Cycle: Raw Material to End of Life

prima nexum Life Cycle: Raw Material to Repair to End of Life:

Materials are simplified to be reused and recycled throughout the life of the product.

Upstream recapture possible either through HP or into production of new products.

Like a mechanical watch movement the prima nexum embodies luxury, craftsmanship and motivation. It celebrates the history and art of printing since the inception of HP printing

Current printers fight gravity and use a compact layout to pull paper up through the printheads.

The prima nexum design uses gravity to its advantage and roll paper with a CNC cutter can create large format prints with a fraction of the energy used.

The prima nexum design celebrates the simplicity of materials in their purest form which gives users an incredibly precise printer that can be maintained continually throughout its life.

Printer Render 1.22.png
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