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a nike acg cmf strategy

how water shapes athletes

Working with Nike ACG and Nike Innovations, this is a one week exploration on a color and materials strategy for a performance lifestyle line of Nike shoes. While taking sponsored athletes and distilling their passion into a product line, we had the tremendous opportunity to work with a wide array of highly talented professionals.


Nadhira Al-Harthy, female action-sports hero from Oman.

A watershed athlete for the Middle-East, she is empowering many unspoken heroes across the ultramarathon and alpine communities.

A strategy for Fall 2021 aimed at Central and East Asian Millennials and younger. 

Aimed at emboldening an innate sense for unique colorways and evocative materials

a strategy to capture the sense of adventure through water, a fresh take on the importance of recovery using genuine materials and revive classic colors.

Exploring the duality embodied by the intensity of her career, we fit her lifestyle with the allegory of water's powerful dichotomy.


Starting with decompression, it is a space that captures the energy and focus required to perform under extreme bouts of fatigue.


Exploring the explosive nature of water, I wanted to lay the groundwork it takes to enter a flow state; materials that not only perform but reinforce during psychological duress.

Two final application ideations with natural materials and patterns inspired specifically by Nadhira's upbringing.


Nike Lab high performance materials coupled with an empowering message and voice Nadhira brings to the athletic landscape.

"It's not the distance you must conquer in running: it's yourself"

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