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for heavy trail runs

credit: storror YT

reaching affinity:

A trail running shoe that captures the fun of downhill mountainbiking

A 12-week project with Under Armour to master a burgeoning sport that is basically a controlled fall.

12 weeks.

12 pairs of shoes.

1200 sketches.

420 miles.

3 prototypes.

1 design.

run testing

top trail brands,


run. sketch. prototype. test. repeat.

run alone. run often.

anytime. any condition.

the heartbeat of a run.

deconstruct what works

build, test, distill

every run in a different pair of shoes taught me what to feel:

connect to ground

connect to body

connect to nature

why trail?


35% of all runners prefer trail

  • soft surfaces

  • nature

  • adventure

  • quiet

90% of runners mix both road

   and trail 1-2 times/week

61% run in trail-specific shoes

the newschool of trailrunning:





inspired by mosquito feet

made with


glued to the ground


materials in practice

Using flexible carbon fiber built to deform asymmetrically, HASEL actuators absorb and offset forces upon impact.

thank you

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